About Dorkas

Dorkas is the community and social engagement arm of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Impact Centre. (RCCGIC) and a member of the Alzheimer’s Society’s (Dementia Friends). RCCGIC is a faith-based community that focuses, but not exclusively, on the community in Oxfordshire. By definition, we are a church that enjoys the benefit of a charitable status which aids us in delivering our mandate to the aforementioned community. Additionally, and as a social enterprise, we offer support to members of the community when called upon at whatever capacity that is needed but from a faith-based perspective. From our site in Bicester, it has enabled us to deliver on our community-based plans which include mental well-being and using our buildings to serve the local community with, for example, nursery and youth empowerment.

The 7 Pillar Objectives

1. To create awareness on mental well-being.
2. To minimise Mental illness and psychological breakdown in the community.
3. To minimise contact of people mentally distressed with the NHS.
4. To empower the community by building their mental resilience.
5. To provide a safe space for conversation for people struggling with mental health.
6. To support people living with mental illness such as dementia etc.
7. To provide and facilitate coping mechanisms.

How do we work

1. Our approach is faith based.

2. We act as a resource for the underrepresented in the community.

3. We do not judge, critique, or review, we only provide an outlet for people by listening and then seeking to guide them towards the appropriate path.

4. Our focus is the mental wellbeing of the individuals.

5. We create awareness by conducting enlightenment sessions with signpost to

i. The Police Federation

ii. GP Federation

iii. Local Authorities

iv. Other health professionals

6. We provide one to one counselling and Talking Therapy. Referrals will come from

i. Self/Family

ii. Community

iii. GPs

iv. Local Authorities

Dorkas have hosted a series of awareness webinars to inform the community about mental health and mental well-being during the pandemic and beyond.

If you are feeling low, anxious, stressed, depressed, or finding it difficult to cope then our teams are here to help. Common difficulties include isolation, bereavement, panic attacks, drinking or eating more and taking drugs. If you are feeling this way, talk to someone before it gets out of hand. Some people have experienced these mental health issues for the first time during the pandemic while others have seen them return.

Please fill the short form below, and our teams will call or book you in for an appointment to discuss any difficulties you are having and the next steps to take.


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